Mission, Vision & Values

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We’re a people-oriented company, committed to enhancing lives of consumers, with quality, value and innovation. Find out more about our vision, mission, and the values that are alive in our people and the way we do business every day.
To be the pace-setter in high quality home and personal care products in Nigeria through innovation
We will be the most valued Nigerian Company in home and personal care, delivering high quality goods, exceeding customers’ expectation and achieving market leadership.
Evans Industries Limited is committed to manufacturing, Sales and distribution of quality soaps, cosmetics and other household items. These products are of high quality and consistently exceed customers' expectations, Regulatory and Statutory requirements.
We are therefore committed to implementing and continuaully improving an effective Quality Management System in line with the requirements of ISO 9001-2008.
Evans Industries Limited's corporate quality objectives are established to support the organisation's  commitment and efforts in achieving our quality policy which include:
1.  Complying with the requirements of Quality Management System ISO 9001-2008
2.  Complying with all applicable Statutory Laws and Regulation.
3.  Cute-edge research innovation and continuous improvement.
4.  Communicating its quality objectives to all level of workers.
5.  Ensuring that activities are safe for employees, associates and others who come into contact with our work.
6  Working closely with our customers and suppliers in establishing the highest quality standard.
7.  Ensuring zero recall of our product.
8.  Continuous training of our staff to meet expectation and challenges. 
  • INTEGRITY – We set the highest standards, we are uncompromising in adhering to them through fairness, accountability, and strong moral principle.
  • QUALITY - We produce quality products and this is our hallmark.
  • EXCELLENCE – We strive for excellence, we are known for it and we continually strive to attain customers’ satisfaction through  best practices
  • COURAGE – We challenge norms and we are ready to take a leap out of the box. We go for opportunity without waiting for it.
  • ONENESS - We recognise and treat every individual with respect in the system and their contributions towards our collective goals. We are open to new perspective and encourages equality in diversity.